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If you can dream it, write it!

Writers have whole galaxies in their heads, universes in their souls, and the power to change the world.

D Kai Wilson-Viola – 2020

I’m Kai. Writer since I was four, co-founder of the Indie Author Group on Facebook (9 years old, and multiple awards to boot!), I’m a mental health advocate, student (starting the second year of a six-year part-time degree in Combined STEM in September!), infosec researcher, photographer, musician, voice-over actress, gamer, podcaster, v-logger…(breathes) and most importantly, author.
The site is under a bit of reconstruction right now, as it’s the centre of a network I run, but, for now, you can follow me on various social media sites, or check out blog posts or my newsletter.
And then there’s Kushakpress – that’s the place you’ll find most of my book news for now.

My main profile is here:

And this is Kai Ellory Viola, a pen name:

I’ll be back soon with some other stuff, but till then, please follow and enjoy one of my most favorite songs – I’ll tell the story behind that later, if you’re interested. Let me know in the comments, and please, subscribe. I’m about to release a reader freebie for ‘All my Friends are Reapers’, called ‘FunHouse’. It’s the story about Suki and Maehb – Suki is one of the main characters in another novel series, Garett. This crossover came about because I was dared to try it, and actually, they get on quite well. Suki, Maebh and Mama Leta have a bit of a…palaver about some of the things that need to happen, and it’s the first inkling that Maebh has about how she can do what she wants to do.


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